Who can send silver to North East Silver?

Anyone who is 18 years old or over and resident in the UK (and with some conditions, the Republic of Ireland)

How do I get paid?

Once you have accepted the offer from one of our experts you will have ticked one of the three payment options when you sent your silver pack to use, we can send you a cheque or a cash payment immediately This should arrive the next days via Royal Mail first class. Or by Faster Payments System this is a new free payments service that has been introduced in the UK. It enables payments to be transfer to your account normally within 1 hours.

What happens if I decline your offer for my silver?

We will return your silver Free of charge. Apart from plated items see terms & conditions for more information. This offer excludes silver wast i.e. Flake, wire, rods & jewellers off cuts , we charge £6.50 per 1000gms to return these items by royal mail special delivery.

How much will you pay for my silver?

Our prices depend on the carat and weight of silver in your items and of course the latest available international silver price. To get an estimate on how much we will pay for British hallmarked gold by carat and weight, please use our NESilver calculator located on our home page.

How do I get my silver to you?

Fill in the form on our "What Next Page". Make two copies, keep one for yourself and send us the other one.
It is important to include the form and fill in your contact details. Without these we can not send you your money or return your gold. All unclaimed gold will be donated to charity. Go to the post office and send your silver by special delivery.We will refund half the cost of your P&P back to you with a copy of the post office receipt on acceptance of our offer.

Why do you not send out silver packs?

There are a number of reasons for this;
1. Silver pack companies take time sending out packs to you, which you then have to send back to them. The turnaround time from your initial enquiry to payment is a slow process about 3 to 4 days to complete. By posting your silver to NE Silver you will receive your payment (Cash or Cheque) into your account within 24 hours Or within 4 hours by our new fast payment system (FPS).

If your bank subscribes to the FPS system, we can make a automatic Bank Transfers to your account & the funds will normally cleared in your bank account within 4 hours at no cost to you.

2. NE Silver offer a much better price for your gold. With low running costs we are able to offer much more for your silver in comparison.
3. A lot of silver pack companies advertise on the television and due to this have high advertising costs, in most cases they will offer 50% to 65% less of the value of the silver to cover their huge TV advertising & postal costs.
4. NE Silver are a trustworthy and reputable company. Silver pack companies have been offering poor amounts for silver they receive and a number of them are currently under investigation by Trading Standards. (Please contact Trading Standards for information.)
5. Silver pack that are sent out are only insured for up to £500. By sending to NE Silver you can add more insurance at the Post Office if necessary, thus covering yourself properly.

Is my silver insured?

Yes. The Royal mail special delivery is insured for up to the value of £500. You may choose to insure your gold for an additional amount. Ask at your local Post Office for further details.

I have precious stones in the silver items I will send you. Will they increase the value of the offer you will make for the gold?

No. Although the precious stones/precious non-silver articles may in their own right have a high value, they will not increase the value offer for your items. This is because the offer for your silver is solely determined by the silver content of the items. Any non-silver weight is deducted from the total weight of the silver item. This includes, precious and non-precious stones, non-silver and other metals.

What if the money received is different from my online calculation?

The payment supplied may differ to your calculation, as we remove stones and non precious metals, such as springs, fillings and base metal clasps. We use precision 2 certificated electronic scales to calculate the exact weight of your itimes.

Do you pay the same amount for foreign silver?

The amount we pay for foreign silver is generally slightly less compared to British Hallmarked silver. If the silver is not British hallmarked, we need to arrange for accurate testing of the silver by an assayer to determine the purity and weight of the silver.

I live in the Republic of Ireland, can I still send you my silver?

Yes, however you must arrange your own delivery of the silver to us and we cannot accept any responsibility for the silver getting to us.

Are there any hidden charges I should know about?

No. The only charges we enforce to the customer is for the return of non-silver sent to us. If all items in the bag are non-silver then we will charge £8.50 for the return of the items. This is only to cover the cost of Postage / packaging & insurance via Royal mail. The only other charge we enforce is a charge of £1 for every £100 when sending payment as cash instead of a cheque. This is to cover the cost of Postage / Packaging & insurance for delivering cash via our delivery handler.

The (Not So) Small Print

There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
Beware of the TV Adverts & Web sites that never say How Much they will pay. Offering to buy your scrap gold/ scrap silver at amazing prices!! Yet never say how much their scrap gold prices are per gram or want to Pay your Postage & insurance. Remember YOU are paying for all the fancy advertising costs / Postage & insurance Removal of stones/gems. Nobody Gives Anything away for free just ask who is paying for that TV advert?? 

They always recover their costs from YOU 

Kitchen Scales
Please remember that your ktchen scales are not 100% accurate and should be used as a guide only. Our specialist jeweller scales are calibrated to ensure accuracy. When we receive your items we carefully weigh them to the nearest 0.01 Gram to ensure we give the Best Value.

Costume Jewellery ...
We are unable to accept Costume Jewellery, Gold Plated / Silver Plated Items & Rolled Gold Items.


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