We Buy Silver

We don't just buy scrap gold, we also buy scrap silver or unwanted silver jewellery for cash.


How much is Your Silver Worth?

Enter Weight (grams) Enter Argentum of Silver:

  • rings
  • broches
  • cufflinks
  • silver chains
  • earrings
  • silver ingots
  • flat ware
  • British silver coins up-to 1947
  • photographic waste silver
  • photographic silver flake
  • tankards
  • silver trays
  • silver wire
  • jewellers off cuts
  • silver tea sets
  • silver cutlery
  • silver ornaments


We buy & refine silver flake from photographic waste.

Please select the grams and argentum ("carat") of silver above and then go to the "What Next Page" to download our agreement form.

The (Not So) Small Print

There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
Beware of the TV Adverts & Web sites that never say How Much they will pay. Offering to buy your scrap gold/ scrap silver at amazing prices!! Yet never say how much their scrap gold prices are per gram or want to Pay your Postage & insurance. Remember YOU are paying for all the fancy advertising costs / Postage & insurance Removal of stones/gems. Nobody Gives Anything away for free just ask who is paying for that TV advert?? 

They always recover their costs from YOU 

Kitchen Scales
Please remember that your ktchen scales are not 100% accurate and should be used as a guide only. Our specialist jeweller scales are calibrated to ensure accuracy. When we receive your items we carefully weigh them to the nearest 0.01 Gram to ensure we give the Best Value.

Costume Jewellery ...
We are unable to accept Costume Jewellery, Gold Plated / Silver Plated Items & Rolled Gold Items.


Pop in for the best price on the high street. 

95 Newgate Street, Bishop Auckland. DL14 7EW.

Open Monday To Saturday 9.30 am till 3pm

Tel: 0742 705 4286


email: info@negold.co.uk

We sell second hand gold & silver Jewellery.

Come and visit our shop at: 95 Newgate Street, Bishop Aukland. DL14 7EW.

Open  Monday to Saturday 9.30 am till 2.30pm

Tel: 0742 705 4286   or email: info@negold.co.uk

Walk in with your unwanted items - Walk out with instant Cash!!
We Now Sell Second Hand Gold & Silver Jewellery.

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